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The Sports and Remedial Therapies Council

What are sports therapy

and remedial massage therapy?

Sports therapy is used to prevent and treat sports injuries. It may also help those looking to improve their level of fitness and performance. Many techniques are used, including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, taping and strapping, and mechanical and electrical treatments.


Remedial massage therapy (also known as soft tissue therapy) is used to treat people from all walks of life. It incorporates a range of soft tissue techniques, including deep massage, to alleviate symptoms. This is set within a framework of clinical assessment and rehabilitation advice.

A practitioner trained in sports therapy and/or remedial massage therapy is trained to:


• assess and, where appropriate, refer on for

specialist advice and intervention


• provide sports massage pre and post activity


• implement appropriate rehabilitation



• utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise preparation and injury prevention programmes


• provide first aid and attend to injuries in a

recreational, training and competitive


remedial massage