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The Sports and Remedial Therapies Council

What athletes say about sports therapy

and remedial massage therapy

Natasha Hunt, modern pentathlete on the

Elite or Defeat project works with sports

therapist, Jane Franklin, MFHT.


“At the moment, I am training for five or six hours a day, six days a week and having massage from Jane on my rest day, as well as other treatments as and when needed.”

Robert Parsons, Natasha’s project leader and fitness instructor, says “we were also quick to enlist the help of Jane, as without her, we simply wouldn’t be able to do this project. Natasha needs a sports therapist to help

prevent and treat injuries, and speed recovery,

as well as improve her technique-specific work. For instance, its hard to learn even basic fencing skills if your shoulders are not relaxed. Already, Jane has helped to nip a number of potential problems in the bud."




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